Desserts and Other Treats For Events

No event is complete without a treat at the end, The Fenland Roaster can provide Ice Cream, Strawberries and Cream and much more

Desserts, coffee and popcorn

  • Traditional ice cream cart, serving 6 flavours of dairy ice cream, with syrups, sprinkles — served in waffle cones or tubs, £375.00 (one off charge)
  • Fresh English strawberries or fresh fruit cocktail served with cream and vanilla ice cream, £3.50 per head
  • Choice of desserts cheesecakes, roulade, apple pie, pavlova, gateaus, chocolate fudge cake, all served with cream, £3.50 per head
  • Cheese platter with 5 different cheeses served with a choice of biscuits, £4.50 per head
  • For the children we have a popcorn machine that makes fresh popcorn, £75.00 (one off charge)
  • Tea and fresh filter coffee served with after dinner mints, £2.00 per head

Other options are available so please ask or make a suggestion if you cannot see what you are looking for.